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Rotary Valve / Cell Feder
  • Handling a Wide Range of Products

    The Rotary Valve type Flebu SL-SP has been in operation for several years, handling a wide range of products mainly in dry powder or granular form. The rotating valve can be applied in the pneumatic conveying industry, when a relatively high pressure is required. 
    As a standard the unit will be delivered with seals, having a temperature resistance up to 250°C! Flebu SL-SP can be used in two ways, both as pocket filler and material feeder. 

  • Long-Life Construction

    The impeller is supported on each side of the housing, having free standing bearing-housings with ball-bearings. The ball-bearings will also ensure good cooling. 
    The rotary valve type Flebu SL-SP is made in Cast Iron (housing) as standard and rotor in fabrication mild steel or stainless steel (on request). Direct drive construction through geared motor and coupling mounted on to a steel frame or chain drive.

  • Pocket Filler

    With a 100% pocket filling efficiency, the valve will have a capacity of 12 dm³. The filler could work at speed up to 35 rpm, ensuring good throughput. Under normal condition the valves operates with a pocket filling efficiency of 25-40%. 
    The valve having 8 wings to ensure that 2-3 wings will scale against the housing. For special applications adjustable scrapers or rubber seals can be mounted on to the rotor blades. Special designed end covers minimize dust build up.

  • Material Feeder

    For material feeding the filling efficiency of more than 95% can be used at speed noted above 25 rpm.
    The feeder has 8 vanes and 2 – 3 vanes will always tighten for air leakage through the feeder. Handling special materials under severe conditions – scrapers can be arranged preventing material to clog between vanes and housing. Part of the vanes can be made of wear resistant rubber if the material is difficult. On request the feeder rotor can be supplied with adjustable wear plates.

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